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The Ultimate Course to Learn Olympic Weightlifting

The WuLIft Olympic Weightlifting System and Methology - in your finger tips, from the comfort of your own home!

A step-by-step online video course to learn and improve your Olympic Weightlifting Technique.

Skip through the frustration and anxiety, fast track your learning, and break through your Oly plateaus!

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Masterclass Just $397

or $37/month for 12 months

2+ years access to follow-along Olympic Weightlifting instruction to optimize your performance and hit new PRs!

What If You Could?

  • Get the best Olympic Lifting instruction and coaching without having to fly thousands of miles?
  • Avoid years of inefficient movement patterns and bad habits that prevent lifters from reaching their Olympic Lifting potential and increase the probability of injury due to poor technique?
  • Have a step-by-step path that has been proven by thousands of athletes to safely and efficiently learn how to Snatch, Clean and Jerk?
  • Learn how to lift safely?
  • Be more confident and feel good about Olympic Lifts?
  • Break through your plateaus and hit new PRs?

Yes! I’m Ready for Olympic Weightlifting Gainz!

Learning the Olympic lifts can be confusing, frustrating and hard…
The Olympic lifts (the snatch and the clean & jerk) are the most complex movements involving a barbell. A typical Crossfit class or a Crossfit WOD is not the best place to learn and master these movements.

At this point, you’ve probably spent some time trying to practice on your own or have tried to find some information on how to Olympic Lift…

You might have gotten in a session with the coach at your local Crossfit Box.

Or spent hours on TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube.

Only to be frustrated. One person says this, one person says that. This time the coach said to do this, the other time he said to do that – it doesn’t make sense, and either way – you’re frustrated and not getting better!

Honestly, I’m not surprised. This is actually pretty common.

The Olympic Lifts are very technical movements.  In many gyms – there isn’t a process to learn them.  Other times, when there is a process – it is usually overcomplicated, time-consuming, ineffective, and very frustrating.

I realized this first hand when I began teaching and then leading Olympic Weightlifting Certifications...

I needed a simple, enjoyable, systematic and consistent way to teach these athletes how to improve, how to break through plateaus, and how to PR!

I’ve spent the last 10 years diving into this and developing a system that makes learning the Olympic Lifts safe, efficient, effective, and fun.

This system has helped thousands of athletes in countless seminars and certifications get that Aha! Moment, finally understand Olympic Weightlifting basics, be more confident lifters, and break through their PRs.

Afterward, I often hear the following comments:

“Thank you Coach Wu, I hated the snatch before, but I love it now. I can’t wait to work on it.”

“Oh my gosh, the bar just flies now!”

“I feel so much more comfortable and confident lifting now.”

This system has not only helped Crossfitters looking to improve for their WODs, older individuals wanting to Olympic Lift for the first time never having been athletes before, but has also helped 2x Olympic Weightlifting Champions on their path back to the podium, Crossfit Games Athletes needing that extra edge, and World Masters Olympic Lifting Champions. 

Now I want to help and empower YOU to be the Olympic Weightlifter that you want to be.


The WuLift Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass


A step-by-step system to learn and master the Olympic lifts.

Perfect for Olympic Weightlifters and Crossfitters looking to master the Olympic Lifts – and Coaches looking for a step-by-step system to teach Olympic Weightlifting.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to lift safely and efficiently.
  • Learn a strong weightlifting mindset.
  • Learn the foundations that build beautiful and strong lifts.
  • Avoid common weightlifting inefficiencies that prevent gainz but also increase the probability of injury.
  • Become a more knowledgeable and confident Olympic weightlifter.

Your methodology is legit! I’m really glad I found out about you because your coaching is helpful and actually works.


California / Finally - progress!

“I am in my 60s and have spent years and so much money on many other “top level” coaches. I am so glad I found Coach Wu and this masterclass. The Olympic lifts now make sense to me and I am lifting more now at 66 than I ever had before!”


Australia / Oly in my 60s.

I am a 2x World Champion in Olympic Weightlifting and I love your videos. You do such a great job of breaking down the concepts and making it easier to understand. I watch your videos over and over again. They are so helpful to me as an athlete and as a coach.

Ezzeldin T

Egypt / 2x World Champion

What’s Inside the WuLift Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass?

This Masterclass is designed to be a launchpad for your Olympic Lifting learning, progress, and gainz. 

16 Module Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass Covering the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk

61 Progressive Bite-Size Instructional Follow-Along Lessons

The WuLift Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass

Value $499

WuLift Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass Just $397

or $37/month for 12 months

Here’s How It Works

  1. Sign up for the Masterclass
  2. Upon Sign-up you immediately get access to the Masterclass
  3. Start learning!

Jump on the opportunity to learn from Coach Wu. While I would love the opportunity to attend an in-person clinic, the reality of "now" at least for myself is online. The online coaching is exactly what I need, and I think that she takes advantage of what technology has to offer to make the most of the platform

Wendy Seattle

Coach Wu has the tools and the personality to work with any athlete from a new young lifter, to an athlete preparing for the CrossFit games, to someone looking to be better at life, to a professional Olympic Lifter. She is very well-spoken and has the confidence to help athletes maximize their potential because she cares.

Bryce Smith 2x Crossfit Games Teams Athlete

Hi Coach, I watched your squat snatch video just before my Crossfit class & it helped me so much! It’s never felt that easy before! I was smiling as soon as I stood up from my squat position. Thanks! 💪🙏

Elena Seattle

I couldn’t recommend this program enough to anyone looking to improve their Olympic lifting knowledge both physically and intellectually. You’re getting better, in part because you’re learning new, better habits, but also because you were capable all along. And now you see. It’s a beautiful spectacle and an honor to participate in. 

Taylor Las Vegas

Coach - Love your teaching approach and method. So solid and so optimistic. As a performance coach, I appreciate what you do.

Jim Iowa

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! This Masterclass is perfect for those brand new to Olympic weightlifting and for beginners. It takes you progressively step-by-step through all the steps leading you to the full movement that is the snatch and the clean & jerk.

A: In my experience, many intermediate lifters do not have a firm understanding and execution of the fundamentals of weightlifting (In fact – these same fundamentals are the things that I still work on with Crossfit Games Athletes and World Champions looking for that slightest tweak to be even better). So yes, this class would be great to realize what the fundamentals are so that you can execute them. And your execution of them is what will get you those big PRs that you are so wanting.

A: Very much so. This masterclass gives you a step-by-step framework that you can use to teach your athletes how to Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

A: For at least 2 years from the date of purchase.

A: If you choose the one-time payment option at check out then it is a one-time payment. No other payments. If you choose the monthly payment option, then it is $37/month for 12 months (USD).

A: At the minimum, you need a PVC pipe or broomstick. This is what we will be using for the majority of the course. Weightlifting shoes would be ideal as well but not necessary. Towards the end, it would be beneficial to have a barbell and bumper plates. But if you don’t have these you can put the PVC pipe on boxes to simulate the height until you can practice on a barbell with plates.

A: The videos are bite-size. And drilling just 10-15 min 2-3x per week makes a huge difference.

A: Yes you can! You can start and stop as you please and as your schedule and life allow.

A: After purchase, you will be sent login information to the masterclass course area. You can access this on any mobile, tablet, or laptop and take it anywhere with you.

The WuLift Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass

Value $499

WuLift Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass Just $397

or $37/month for 12 months