Wulift Olympic Weightlifting Master Class

  • The WuLIft Olympic Weightlifting System and Methodology from the comfort of your own home! 
  • A step-by-step online video course to learn and improve your Olympic Weightlifting Technique.
  • 2+ years access to follow-along Olympic Weightlifting instruction to optimize your performance and hit new PRs!

Master Class | Single Payment

$397 One Time Payment

Master Class | Monthly Payment

$37 / Month (12 months)

The Step-by-Step Olympic Weightlifting Process by WuLift is a comprehensive online course designed to help athletes perfect their technique. Enroll today.

Course Information

Everyone has the capacity to be a strong Olympic Weightlifter. It all boils down to your technique and how every micro-movement contributes to the whole. The Step-by-Step Olympic Weightlifting Process by WuLift is a comprehensive online course that takes every athlete back to the basics and details the technique behind a strong lift from start to finish. Through this course, online coaching, and other programming by Coach Wu, you can perfect your technique, form, process, and mindset to be the strongest you’ve ever been.

Course Instructor

Aileen Wu Aileen Wu Author

With over a decade of coaching experience, Coach Aileen Wu has helped thousands of athletes improve their Olympic lifts and racked up a list of her own impressive achievements in the fitness industry. Coach Wu has lived up to her industry nickname “Kung Fu Panda,” as a seasoned Crossfit athlete and coach since 2007, coaching 10 Crossfit Games athletes to the top, leading Crossfit certifications around the world, and breaking into the Olympic weightlifting world. As a weightlifting coach, and through her Olympic weightlifting personal training and programming, Coach Wu has worked with multiple Master’s Weightlifters, an Olympic weightlifting world champion, Olympic silver medalist, and many Crossfit Games athletes, to name a few of the astounding ranks in her roster. She created WuLift to help you reach great heights and achieve your goals too.