Hi Everyone!

\Welcome to the WuLift Online Course.  

This course will cover the Snatch, the Clean, and the Jerk.

This course is for everyone from beginners looking to lift for the very first time, for intermediate and advanced lifters looking to add a few pounds (or kilos) to their PRs, and for coaches looking for a step-by-step way to teach the Olympic Lifts.

Heads up –  throughout this course, I will many times refer to the PVC pipe as “the barbell.”

Also – please don’t be alarmed that we filmed this course outside and think that you also have to practice outside.  The gym, your living room, your garage, your basement, your bedroom, etc… – are all great places to watch these videos and to practice.  We filmed this outside because we wanted to give you a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing background for these instructional videos.  

Welcome!  Let’s get Started!